Why are there different Facebook Groups for Bartlett Bash?

Hey Bashers, I hope this message finds you well and excited about o​ur beloved Bartlett Bash camping event. As many of you know, this event has a special place in our hearts, and I've been privileged to be a part of its journey since it started. Knowing how much I loved the Bash I created an event website way back on May 17th, 2005. 

Bill Laybourne, the original creator of this wonderful event , was a friend and a visionary. With his blessing, both during his lifetime and in his memory, I took on the task of extending the spirit of our gathering into the digital world online. This led to the creation of our website and later our Facebook group created in 2009, which served as the official online hubs for news, updates, and community interaction regarding the event. 

Our goal is to keep the essence of the event alive, ensuring that every member of our community feels informed and included. The platforms were created with love, dedication, and a deep respect for what this event represents. 

In our commitment to preserving the legacy and ensuring the continuity of this event for generations to come.  I'm pleased to share that our group is officially registered with the state of Arizona and has been established as an L.L.C. and our  group is also permitted/registered with the Tonto National Forest Service  these legal steps were  taken to protect the name and the group, solidifying our role as the main source of information and community for our beloved event and ensuring that Bartlett Bash remains around for future generations of LGBTQ+. 

We understand that in recent times, there have been new groups emerging, aiming to create their own spaces for sharing and communication about the event. However, with having multiple groups, this can cause members to miss out on important information and cause confusion. While the initiative is appreciated, it's important to remember the roots and the original online home that has been serving our community for over 19 years.

Our website and Facebook page have been the mainstay for reliable information, updates, and community spirit concerning the event. They were established with the direct consent and in collaboration with Bill Laybourne the founder, making them not just official in spirit but a testament to his wishes for the event's digital presence.  

I kindly invite everyone to continue using our original platforms f or the most accurate and heartfelt content about our event. In doing so, we honor Bill's legacy, and we respect the legal steps taken to preserve this community and ensure that the community remains united and well-informed. 

Let's cherish what we've built together and keep the spirit of unity and friendship alive, both offline and online. Thank you for your understanding and continuous support Bartlett Bash!

Is there an Official Fac​ebook ​Group?

Yes, our group has been the original Bartlett Bash group for over 19 years and is now officially registered with the State of Arizona as Bartlett Bash LLC. Our group is the official contact working and maintaining communication with the Tonto National Forest Service Rangers. We've been the official group since 2005 and have been the main source of information since our Facebook Group's creation in 2009.

The website, was  created a very long time ago, far back to 2005  and the Facebook group was created in 2009,  and was established with Bill Laybourne's blessing, making the Facebook and website the only  official digital hubs for news, updates, and community interaction for Bartlett Bash.

To further solidify
our commitment to preserving the event's legacy,  our group is now officially registered with the state as an LLC and maintains direct communication/permits with the Tonto National Forest Service. These legal steps protect the Bartlett Bash name and ensure the continuity of our group for years to come and to keep the event going for future LGBTQ+ generations.


While the initiative of creating other Bartlett Bash Facebook groups is appreciated, it's important to remember the original online home that has served the community for over 19 years. These additional groups can create confusion and fragmentation of information, leading to missed updates and news.

The admin from another Facebook group with the same name as Bartlett Bash, explained why they started a group saying:

"I created the other group last year simply as a place for friends that I know personally to share their photos and stories from the bash, to kind of scrapbook type of a thing."  

However, the Facebook Group is not being used for a small group of friends, instead it's being used as a main resource page.  

Also, they felt posts were being "micro-managed" however all our posts are reviews by a team of moderators who decide if posts are inappropriate.  It's possible some posts were removed which should have been discussed by entire group team instead before keeping or removing. Finally, the person from the other group said they did not like that during COVID our group cancelled one event and suggested not to attend. However because of the seriousness of COVID, this was not only are decision but also the Tonto National Forest who stated they would not allow large groups at the lake. Keep in mind, this was a time when COVID cases were high, and it was only a suggestion not to attend during COVID, for safety reasons. ​ Finally, we believe that people were misled in our group when a post was created in our Facebook Group saying: "We are starting a new group, click here" and necessarily in consequence, people thought the original Bartlett Bash group was moving to a new Facebook group page.